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Charlie Laine

Charlie Laine

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Measurements: 34c-30-32

Charlie Laine is an elegant nude model who blurs the line between sex and entertainment. She has real acting abilities which make her Reality Kings performance so much more immersive, but you can always tell that once the sex starts the acting stops and Charlie gives herself over to the raw emotions of the women she is partying with as they please each other with fingers, toys and tongues until the orgasmic waves climax in a chain-reaction of sexual bliss more powerful than anything you can imagine. That's the most important thing about Charlie Laine -- nothing you can dream of when you see pictures of Charlie can hold a candle to the reality of watching the excitement of seeing her in action with her girlfriends here on the Reality Kings network. It's like the difference between seeing a postcard picture of the Grand Canyon and trying to compare it with being there in person to take in the overwhelming majesty of one of the world's greatest natural wonders. That's right, Charlie Laine is as stunning and memorable as any natural wonder, and the big difference is that she's also a whole lot sexier as well!

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