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From the first glance, you'll know that Sadie Holmes isn't like other babes. This tall and willowy beauty may dress up in glamorous outfits and lacy lingerie for work, but Sadie laughs that she couldn't care less about brand names, and in fact she can't stand shopping. This raunchy girl-next-door would much rather spend her free time outside, hiking, camping, and shooting guns, and whenever Sadie isn't on set, she goes home to the wilderness to do just that! A former competitive swimmer, Sadie is also an experienced free diver and she definitely has the long, lean body of a natural swimmer, with legs up to heaven, taut abs, and gorgeous small natural tits. If you spend enough time hiking out into the wilderness, maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to see this beauty emerge from the water by your camp like a mermaid. The beautiful Sadie would definitely be able to tempt you into joining her in the water for a dip! But don't try taking Sadie home with you; her beauty is forever untamed. Even if your path never crosses hers, you can still catch a glimpse of this natural wonder in the scenes below!

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