We Live Together

We Live Together
Money Talks presents: video Dong Chair Rising

July 7, 2009

Here we are and yet another exciting episode of Money Talks is at hand. We kick off this episode with a patriotic bit in celebration of the 4th of July. It involves three smoking hot girls, three tiny bikinis and a whole lot of body paint. After that we revisit an old classic, the wonderful pussy pump competition. The girl with the puffiest pussy wins. Then we are serving up some delicious desert Money Talks style of course. We ask one hot little blonde to come back with us and let us cover her in thick delicious honey and then cover her naked body in in sprinkles. This girl has a bangin ass body. Then for our main bit we got a really good one. We but together a little something called the penis chair, I guess you could say its a chair, only with five legs, and the 5th leg happens to be a guys cock. So we threw it in the back of a van, and cruised the streets to see who would be down to sit on it and spin.

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