Her Name:Sochee /  Series Info:37 Mins of Video   

The girls were cutting up naked pictures for their sex education class. They were looking at all these pictures of sexy naked ladies that made them very horny. They started by getting into a pinch fight that turned into them cutting each others clothes with their scissors. First, they all ganged up on Sammie and cut up all her clothes. They revealed her juicy tits and sweet pussy. Then they paired up and began cutting off each others clothes. It was only a matter of time before they were all naked and playing with each others wet pussies.
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 Her Name:Sammie /  Series Info:53 Mins of Video   

Finally the wait is over. Molly and Sammie together like Cagney and Lacey. As soon as Sammie entered the car Molly was all over her. They started kissing and caressing each other all the way home. Once they arrived, Molly had flowers, champaign and a set of sexy lingerie waiting for them. After a drink they got down and dirty, licking and fingering one another until they had a few orgasms. It was great seeing them together and it was worth the wait.
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 Her Name:Brea /  Series Info:44 Mins of Video   

Brea, Lux and Sammie decided to make cookies for a bake sale. Once the cookies were in the oven it was time to get freaky. Sammie and Lux were all over Brea. They sat her on a chair and double teamed her sweet pussy. The girls eventually got on top of the counter and tongue fucked each other from every angle possible.
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